New blackhawk canoes

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It seems that blackhawk canoes will be back. I found them on Facebook and they are setting up shop to produce the same hull designs as before. I for one am pretty excited

Hear that Bob?
Now that you have the opportunity to trade up to a brand, spanking new Blackhawk canoe you can dump some of those crappy old boats of yours that have been collecting dust.

If you are nice to me I might take one or two of them off your hands.

Seems the FB page has been
around for ten months… So I wonder when the company or individual will be ready to start actual manufacture?

I hear ya Pete!

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I currently have a Shadow SS Speical, Ariel, Zephyr, Proem, Nighthawk, and 2 Shadow 11'7" Blackhawks. All of which are just slightly below like new condition.
Don't think paying new price for copies is something I'd be interested in doing.

I would like to find a really nice Covenant, and a Shadow 14; at bargain basement prices. I keep running into that "they're collectible" sales hustle.

Blackhawks are all a bunch of garbage barges. I don't understand why people keep them? They should sell them to me "cheap", and clear out some space in their garages, and loafer's sheds. Then they could buy a "really nice" Pelican, or Coleman.


i don’t understand why people get
upset when UPS loses one…

just sayin…LOL.

I understand why…
What they lost was NOT a Blackhawk.

It was a pristine, Curtis Dragonfly!

How does UPS lose a canoe on one of their own loading docks for part of 3 days? The only word that comes to my mind is incompetence.


oops my bad
Which of the 85 built do you have?

Good news!
Thank you mrgreen.

I might (repeat might) sell off my Bell Mystic (though I’ve come to love it also) if I had a shot at a new Blackhawk Phantom. Haven’t seen one of those in many years and its a very nice boat. The Zephyr is another I’d be interested in, though there’s a used one I know of in very good condition that I haven’t bit on in over a year… very pricy.

The profit-hungry SOB sold it.

What is worse, the profit-hungry SOB sold both it and a pristine SRT without notifying me first.

Does SOB = Seller of Boats?

If it makes you feel better…

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The paddlers who got the Dragonfly & the SRT were very happy to get them, and were very, very generous. They were so generous; I used the money from their sale to pay for my 3rd motorcycle. Which I still own.

If I'd offered either one of those canoes to you Pete; you'd have tried to trade me a Feather brand paddle with a split blade, a 15 year old, Old Town beater, with cracked gunwales, decking, and grunge pads; which you got from a Current river outfitter for 50 bucks, a 25 year old, puke yellow or green colored Extrasport pfd, and a half empty can of hot, Foster's Lager.

Take that load of crap on down the road!
yanoer is looking for an Illinois corn field, ditch boat; try him.


Not true!
Well, OK the bit about the Featherbrand paddle with the split blade is, but the Old Town came from a livery in Ohio, not the Current River, the gunwales are not cracked, just bent a little bit, and I did not either buy it for $50. I got it for free.

And the Extrasport PFD is not puke green, it is baby crap brown.

Also BOOB: buyer of old boats.

I think the next Ozark

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Rendezvous will be very interesting. To see who is wearing what boat and if any are in the Yard Sale.

Whats an Illinois Cornfield Ditch boat? One with no rocker as none is needed??

Come to think of it I wonder what it is about Illinois that breeds paddlers? There are a a few..albeit not as many as corn rows.

I know Yanoer changes boat faster than Miss Understood changes costume

Illinois cornfield ditch boat

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Usually seen with a pig in the stern, either 2 bales of hay or 6 bushel of corn cobs in the bow for trim, and smells like cow manure.

Favored color is John Deere Green.

We are probably at risk of having
dried cow patties added to your campfire at Rendezvous!

Did anyone except me notice…

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Pete did not even mention Foster Lager..........

I took that to mean he was so attached to that brew; he wouldn't even consider offering a hot, half can of it in trade for a canoe. Everyone has their priorities I suppose.

Pete did come up with a good description of an Illinois corn field ditch boat however.


P.S. I do look forward to seeing how the "Phoenix rising from the ashes" rebirth of Blackhawk plays out. I wish the new owner good luck.

2014 Blackhawk Canoe models

– Last Updated: Dec-25-13 5:08 PM EST –

Per Blackhawk Canoe's Facebook Page the following Blackhawk models are to be introduced some time in 2014:

Shadow series
Combi series

If there is another model or models you would like to see return, go to the Blackhawk FB page and leave a comment.

Cow patties? I don’t think so if …
Cow patties? I don’t think so. If we’re on the Current River horse apples are more likely.

So, anyone heard anything?
I’m bringing back this thread to see if anyone knows what’s going on. The Blackhawk Facebook page had its last post in January. They listed all those models they were going to release in 2014 and here we are in September, but no news.