New boat and new thing

I picked up a Coleman Scanoe this winter. I haven’t had it in the water yet, but I’m hoping to put in a rowing station and make try sight style fly fishing from it.

I usually fish from one of several recreational kayaks - but not standing.

Any experiences? It looks wide and flat with tracking channels, so I’m thinking that I won’t be going *** over tea-kettle on a hook set if I stand. Probably won’t be standing on a drift in a river, just anchored or in still water until I get either real comfortable or stupid.

Any comments, suggestions, recommendations, or otherwise?

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I don’t stand
Not because I can’t but because I don’t feel the need. I have only had my OT Osprey for a year but I have found I can get any where I need to with little effort or trouble.

The only time I might stand is when I’m at anchor and the wind is against me.

New Thing - New Boat
I am finding most people to be leary of New Things in Boats

Want the most comfortable New Thing in Kayaking?

check out:

I purchased one in April of this year and find it incredable for every sort of kayaking.

Seem’s like the fishing version is the hot seller, for now. I use mine in the ocean and love it.

Trying is believing.

Have nothing to loose checking out the site and having an open mind.

They charge money for those things
Look at my post again, it’s past tense (plus like 8 months old!). I already HAVE the Scanoe. So, while there’s no reason not to check out the site, there’s no reason TO check it out either. Sorry, just the way it is.

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When I stand and fish
I normally keep my feet wide apart , stay near the widest part of the canoe and try to avoid sudden moves. I have an OT Disco 158 and a Dagger Legend 16 and I also regularly paddle them standing with a 9’ double blade paddle. I have found that this really helps your balance.

Old Post
Sorry to offend Big D. Though your post is old it’s still being read. Who knows someone else may have an interest.

Happy Paddling and hope you catch the big one.

I’ve fished from a homemade canoe with my dad for years (tricky that fly fishing two to a boat while sitting) and from his coleman canoe.

Also from my swifty by myself. Never needed to stand. If you can cast chest deep in the water, you can cast sitting in a boat easily enough.