New Boat Day!

Dad gave me his 1997 Current Designs Solstice ST today.


Looks sleek, enjoy!

Hope its because dad bought an upgrade.

Alas, it’s because he’s 87 and he doesn’t use it anymore. :cry:
We’ve gotten him out a couple times over the last couple of years, but he just doesn’t enjoy it anymore. He has offered it to me a few times, but I didn’t want to take it if he might use it. So it’s bittersweet.


Looks sharp!! Do him a favor, take some cool trips and take lots of pics to show him!


Well, D U N is dun. Good for him. When I hit 80, I’ll probably put one of those Beverly Hillbillie rockin chairs in my Penobscot and have my grandkids paddle me around. I can sit there like Lt. Dan and give directions . . . Go over there; do this, do that! What that on the beach. When we gonna eat? Watch them waves, this ain’t no office chair. Slow down!