New boat..gel coat or color that is

the question…My first kevlar boat…I’m assuming that a color would help protect the kevlar from UV, I know it will add a couple of pounds, but is it worth the added weight for protection…? any comments or thoughts would be appreciated…

IMHO, no
if you are concerned with weight, forget the gelcoat. You can always just slick it up with epoxy when the scratches come.

Where are you storing it?
If you keep it in the garage away from UV then don’t worry about the gel coat. If you are going to leave it out side in the sun Or even in a little shade then go for it.

skip the gelcoat
Assume you chose Kevlar for wt. savings

Spend an extra $100 on a cover for UV protection

skip the gel
that translucent amber kevlar color is beautiful

I have a Jensen 17 kevlar.
without gel coat and have had it for seven years.

I got it with out the gel coat to save the few pounds since we use it in the rec class for racing.

I have been very happy with it.

There is one class I river that we race it in every year where we might scrape some rocks and take some of the epoxy off the bottom, but it is a real quick job to mix up some two part epoxy and touch it up.

It is kind of neat paddling along and watching the wave line go by along the water line.

I would do it again the same way if I had to replace it.