New boat stink

Just bought my first fiberglass boat (an Impex Assateague). How long before the resin stank goes away?


man, what are you talking about?!
How do you get that terrific smell back?

What I wouldn’t trade to get that back, instead of the funk that comes out of there now :wink:

Oh, a couple months.

no kidding!
plus I miss the buzz

Eat a load of Beanie weenies
put the spray skirt on and go for a long paddle. That should alleviate the problem temporarily.


my 5 year old fibreglass kayak still smells of resin. Almost as good as smelling freshly burnt napalm in the morning.


I’m not saying it’s bad (like the aforementioned beanie/weenie cruise would be) - just really overpowering.

A Stronger Stink
Toss your wet booties in the cockpit and snap the cover on for … oh, a week or so. Be sure and lay the boat out in the sun. Should help.

Lacking that, I’d gladly trade you my beat-up old plastic boat, which smells only like the abovementioned booties and gastrointestinal blow off, though it’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart. I could drive and meet you somewhere halfway?


Are you kidding? Do you know how long it took me to get my wife to buy it for me in the first place?

Be wishing it back in no time!
Nice boat, just took delivery of mine second hand and still has the smell! Its the kayak version of that new car smell!