new boat suggestions

need a new kayak. 30-40 lb range; 15-16 feet.

similar to current designs solstice GTS; shallow

V hull; willing to pay for low weight; stable



Tough spec

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It's going to be difficult to find a 16' boat that weighs so little and is as stable as a Solstice. My Q400S is 15'3" and weighs a little under 40 pounds in kevlar/carbon. Forgoing the front hatch saved weight, although I had them put in the front bulkhead anyway for safety sake. I love the boat and it's stable, but it's not much like a Solstice. I have a Pachena, which is a mini-Solstice, at 14'1", but even the kevlar version of that is going to be 45 pounds; my glass one is 52.

You might consider a Lincoln Chebeague or Cape Neddick - they're light and stable and have shallow-V hulls, but are just outside your upper and lower length limits.

I think there is an Eddyline boat that fits your spec, but I don't know them at all. Also, if you want to go wacky and spend a lot of cash, a Little Wing 15.5 weighs only 28 pounds. I think they're cool looking, but most people don't seem to hold that opinion.

PS if you can deal with a wood boat, the Pygmy Osprey would probably fit the bill, but you would have to build it, have it built or find one used.

Here’s some…
…anorexic kayaks fer’ ya:

I don’t know anything about 'em other than they sure are light.

skin on frame?
Light weight. Cheap and easy to build, if you go Yost style. More involved, if you go traditional. My Yost Sea Tour R is 15 1/2 feet, 30 pounds – and could have been built lighter.

lightness options
Yeah, I agree with the previous posters – keep your eye out for a hand-built boat if you don’t have the inclination or time to build your own. Been several for sale in my area (a couple in the classifieds on here, in fact) by Pygmy, Betsie Bay and CLC. Hard to beat skin-on-frame boats for lightness (my won 18’ SOF is barely 32 lbs.) A surprising number of boat builders sell their craft after some use because they have an idea of how to build the next one differently or they are more into the building than the paddling.

Another option would be the Feathercraft Wisper folder – under 40 lbs and somewhat similar dimensions and performance characteristics.

Yeah, also SOF
You guys nailed it - my Cape Falcon SC-1 is 14 feet long and weighs 33 pounds, not sure why I didn’t think of it. The building class was fun. I guess I’m still smitten with my new lightweight QCC.

Hi Carl,

You should be happy with that boat, the lil QCC is a nice do everything boat :slight_smile:

Bill H.

So far so good, it’s been a pleasure to use it in various conditions. I like the Solander below, too, I guess I tend to opt for old-school designs.