New boat to fish from

I fish in the midwest and like to stay dry when I fish. My QCC is not stable enough to fart around with fishing gear. I was looking at some SOT but am usd to a closed hatch. I want stability but I fish in cold water an the spring and fall. Are the SOTs dry enough? I was looking at the Prowler and the Tarpon 140. I may be more comfortable in true kayak but access to my gear is limited. Is there a compimise or a boat with an enclosed cockpit with open rear deck pits?

think about
I canoe fish all the time but have never tried a kayak. Perhapse you would find a canoe to be the ticket. WENONAH makes 2 small solo boats that can be paddled with a double blade. The sandpiper at 13.5 feet and the Vagabond at 14.5 feet. I have a vagabond on order that should be here in a day or 2. I like canoes cause you can sit or kneel or stand and have more freedom of movement. If you are hardcore Kayak I am sorry and ment no offence.

Check out the eXtreme(15’)and Pro Explorer(12’)from Malibu.Both are nice dry SOT’s and VERY stable.I have an eX myself and love it.In fact i have 2 but will be selling one.Both have plenty of storage and center hatch’s for easy access to gear below.The T-140 holds quite a bit of water in the CP area.The Prowler has some in the foot well’s but not near as bad.All these boat’s are excellent for fishing.Would you be interested in one of my eXtreme’s?I’ll be listing it here soon.Good luck!

I have been thinking about it and I was thinking that a canoe that can be paddled solo and tandem would be my best bet.

Solo plus
I was looking at the solo plus from we no nah. I was just wondering what sort of comprimais eto stability there is.

I was thinking canoe because I figured I could fish alone or with another. If I wanted something strickly solo I would stick with a kayak. I think. Still sorting it out.

dry sots
The Prowler, while a fun boat, is very very very wet.

The Malibu boats mentioned above are dry and easy paddlers. I have an eXtreme but haven’t gotten rid of my shorter boats - the eX is long and sometimes too bulky. It’s very fast.

Also check out the Hobie Outback - man is that boat fun!

Sit on tops are inherently wet. But, you can get a dry ride by using scupper plugs. I fish out of a Scupper Pro which is the baby brother to the Prowler. I plug the scuppers in the winter and spring with foam golf balls I picked up at Walmart. The cockpit stays bone dry. During our hot summers I open them up and let the cool water flow in. If your’re not fishing deep water a pair of breathable waders works real well too.

New Boat
For what is worth, a canoe set up to row will catch lots of fish. There are several good ones the fishermen 14, OTs sports models. If you go with a square stern you can go electric, or gas power later. I have had both and will probably go back to a used square stern this year. Only realy set back is weight, the kevlar models are about 30% more for about 10% less weight. Good luck.

Kayak fishing ,Old town Loon
I fished out of my old town loon 138 all the time, I have a fishing rod holder mounted on the front of my Kayak and toll lures and jigs. The opening on my OTL is 55 inches long so there is enough room to maneuver in. Its 29 inches wide and is very stable.

Heritage SOT’s, built in Rhode Island,
are good for your purposes. The Sea Dart(14’)can be rigged for fishing with a rod holder up front, two behind the seat. Or you can buy the pre-rigged Fisherman. Just bought one used, rigged with three Scotty Rod Holders, and an anchor trolley system. Added the Surf to Summit Elite seat and have a dry, comfortable ride. Dress for the water and wx temps. There is a longer model(16’) which is faster, but I didn’t want to contend with the added weight.

The Ocean Kayak Drifter is NOT a dry ride, even with scupper plugs in. But. . .it’s length (12’ 7") make it suitable for ocean fishing as well as freshwater creeks. The thing seems to have been designed for fishing. Nice wide cockpit (to fit my fat ass), good sized tankwell, and a huge forwar “A” hatch. The 2004 model has been slightly modified to offer lots more flat spaces to add on the accessories you like/need. And it ain’t that slow either. But it IS a wet ride. I’d recommend a Farmer John wetsuit for cold weather. I know I’m looking for one that will fit my fat belly, and skinny wallet.

Dry sit on tops
If your paddling in calm water, look for a SOT without scupperholes in the seat. Tarpons and Cobras are some that I know of. The foot wells will take on a little water, but at least your ass will stay dry

Old Town
Try the Loon 138 or Predator series

OT Adventure XL139
OT Adventure XL139. Very stable, 2 bulkheads, front and rear deck rigging, 2 camlock hatches, almost as stable as Loon 138 but much faster.

Loon and Pontoon
I have the Loon rigged for fishing the Indian River of Florida. Very stable. I also have a Pontoon from Cabela’s (ODC 816) that I customized. Raised the seat about a foot, put battery under seat, added motor bracket and troll motor. Installed an aluminum shelf in front of the seat to stand on.

It is lightweight, moves at a good speed and I can stand and fish.

Could have sold a dozen at the different boat ramps.

Fran in Florida

How much would you sell the extreme for?
Im interested in the extreme but I live in Texas…