new boat

my wife added the heritage marquesa boat to our new fleet. I have the couple of reviews here, does anyone have any real world experience?

I’m guessing that’s either a used
or older in inventory boat. The Marquesa is Heritage’s name for the non-angler version of the Redfish. Last year, the name was dropped and both models are called Redfish. Its a very good fishing boat. The primary complaint I’ve heard is that sitting side saddle is difficult because the high sides cut into the bottoms of the thighs. Hope you got a good price on the boat.

we got it used - sort of - it had never been put in the water. An 87 year old man wanted to get into kayaking, but I think he passed away. the boat had not even been used. We paid $500 for it and a paddle. My wife is happy. She will not be fishing from it I don’t think, just a comfortable boat to explore lakes and rivers on.

She’ll enjoy it…is it a 12 or 14?
The 12 is nice on smaller creeks, the 14 for bigger water, though the 12 will do fine on lakes and the 14, with a bit of maneuvering, at least at first, will do fine on the creeks. $500 for basically a new yak, not bad.

I think it is a 14, but I won’t swear to it. She likes it though, and that is truly what really matters.

It’s $300 off the lowest price I could
find. That would be a good discount for a slightly to moderately used yak, imo. For never-used? Great deal.

have fun w/ it Papi. . . .


How cool is that?
An 87 year old man that decides to take up kayaking. It’s a shame he didn’t get the chance, but I love his attitude.

Great deal. I hope your wife gets many happy hours paddling it.

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