New Boat

Received my new boat GRB Adirondack Classic XL. Looked like a piece of artwork in my garage. I only had an hour to paddle it today, and I had the chance to paddle it in a pretty brisk wind. It performed just like I hoped, speed equal to (if not better than) my Voyager and much more manageable in the wind. I’ll post a full review when I’ve paddled it for a few months.

I do have some questions for others out there who own carbon boats. The boat seems so fragile. I know it isn’t, but are then any special considerations that you as owners of carbon boats take, and what regular maintenance or special maintenance do you perform on your boats?


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you're more than welcome to leave it here in our boat house with some of our canoes.
Just so it won't get lonely!

I don't treat my C-1 carbon J boat any different from our kevlar boats, although I wouldn't like the thought of plowing into a rock or submerged log at full tilt.
I agree - they do seem awfully flimsy.

enjoy it.


I have plenty of boats to keep it company though. Hope to get out tomorrow too.

I actually posted this to make Randy jealous :wink:

Get a bag for your boat…
I keep all skin coats (especially carbon), in bags and under cover. Bags are the bomb for travel protection. But you may already know this.

Happy paddlin’,


PS Danu Boat Covers or The “Bag Lady” . CE Wilson has the number for Bag Lady.

The covers stay on during car top
transport? If that’s the case, I’m going to look into getting one for my Wenonah Whisper and Advantage for UV protection. I thought they were only good for storage and not for transport.

Congrats on the new boat!

new boat
congrats on the new boat. I too got my first “new” boat this summer. I’ve got a carbon/kevlar Mystic and the only thing extra I’ve done was to wax it with the same stuff I use on my truck. I paddle it the same as my plastic boats but I do try to stay out of the oyster fields around here (coast of NC)!!

yep, they stay on
if you tie them properly. i do 2-hour-plus drives at 80 mph with a Savage River C1 with a red cover.

and i’d agree with bagging all carbon skin boats.

it’s an investment in protecting your investment.

nice choice of boats, btw. i’d love to have one.


danger- Will Robinson- Danger

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Seeing as how RedCrossRandy was a NavyChief Petty Officer He might still be prone to "Lateral transfers
and midnight requisitions" I would want to alert the whole post to guard your boat.oR EVEN BETTER LEAVE IT at my house. I will keep it safe from people with boat lust.
Congratulations Dave. I am Jealous also but know better then to screw around with another mans' boat.

(wifes and wine are open territory )