New Boat!

Just took delivery on a beautiful new green Colden Flashfire with intigrated gunnels. Honest weight < 25#. I plan many trips in the ADKs with it and will appreciate the light weight on carries and the handling on curvy channels. Paul did a beautiful job!



Question …
what do you mean by “integrated gunnels” ?

Jack L


Composite gunwales infuse into the hull.
Same or very similar process as Swift and Placid, I think. Extremely low maintenance.


– Last Updated: Jul-07-10 8:33 AM EST –

Colden's integrated rails are co-terminous with the rail system developed by Placid boatworks and also used by Swift Canoe. Paul has come up with his own, unique, rail profile and thwart sections, and also infuses fabric tube/foam thwarts and grab bars, Plexusing them into the rail system.

The 25 lb weight includes a 2lb wood seat. Paul is working on a composite seat that will reduce hull weight by another pound.

sweet hull man…
That is a sweet looking canoe.

what charlie said. The snakeskin effect on the gunnels and thwarts looks real cool and it’s light! My dreamboat. look for pictures on the Colden canoe site.


What kind of decks?
If any.

Paul made custom,foam core,hull colored carbon decks for my boat. He usually instals beautiful exotic wood decks,but I wanted the lightest option possible.