New Boat

Looking for opinions on a couple of boats I am considering to go along with my Delta 16. While I love my Delta, I am looking for a longer distance speedy touring kayak, miles of smiles kind of boat.

I am considering a QCC 600x and an Epic 16x. I don’t feel I need or want to try and store the 18 foot versions of either of these boats, am I wrong there?

Both boats have their merits and some things lacking, so I reach out to fellow paddlers for your opinions, pro’s and con’s of these two boats and/or suggestions on another model I may have missed. I am an intermediate paddler at 5’9" and 160 pounds, 32" inseam.

Read this…

among QCC owners it’s pretty much gospel that the fastest in that line up is the QCC700. That is the QCC that repeatedly shows up at events like the Mayor’s Cup in NYC and numerous course races all over the U.S.

Epic makes a fast boat. Can you demo an 18 footer to see if you have the motor for it? If you do you will see greater tracking and greater point to point speed than the 16. But speculation is pointless until you try one.

Someone should chime in here about now about the West Side Boat Shop EFT - or the Van Dusen Mohican. Or a handful of really fast others.

Is there a reason you’ve narrowed it down to just these two?

Thanks for your input, I am open to other models, I just wanted took into a bigger, faster touring boat. I have the room to store a 17 - 17’6" boat. Both these boats with their waterlines should in theory paddle like bigger boats. I also wanted a boat in the low to mid 40 pounds in weight. As I get older I want to keep it simpler to load, unload and get to the water. I have spoken to Steve at QCC and am looking to demo a 16x this weekend. I have demo’d CD Cypress, Gulfstream, Seda Ikkuma 17 and maybe give the Solstice GTS a shot too.

I am your weight and height
and I think you would be much happier with either a QCC-700 or the Epic 18

some of my thoughts:

They are both faster than there little brother QCC-600 and Epic 16.

I have owned a QCC-600 so I know the 700 is faster.

My daughter has the Epic 18.

the quality of the QCC-700 is superior to the Epic 18

the QCC-700 speed vs the epic 18 depends on the motor. I think both boats are equally as fast.

I just traded in my kevlar QCC-700 for a carbon kevlar one which is 44 pounds, so that should be in your weight range

Jack L

600x and 700x are different boats
They handle differently and the deck and hull design are different. If possible you need to test drive.

Qcc 700
Hey Jack,

what was your reason for changing up to the 700 from the 600? did you like the 600 when you had it or is the 700 that much better. Great thing is I do have 30 days to paddle the heck out of it. I would have to put a access door in my garage to house the 700…lol.

We are a QCC family
I had the 700, and my wife had the 600.

The 600 was a little too much boat for her at 5’-2" and 120 pounds, and she hounded them to make a smaller boat.

They finally relented and decided to make the 10 X, and they had her in on the design of it for about a year. -She got the first one they built, and they didn’t even have a name for it then.

Since then they have sold dozens of them.

When she got her new 10, I ended up swapping back and forth between the 600 and the 700.

There is nothing wrong with the 600. It is just that the 700 is faster. At a lilly dipping pace, I would put them on a equal par.

You might be very happy with the 600 if you have space limitations. I used the 600 all last winter down in the florida Keys.

Hope I haven’t confused you.

Jack L

the only thing

Thanks Jack,

I see your name associated in the QCC discussions, so I respect and thank you for your opinion!

The Delta looks like a nice boat, relatively plumb ends so waterline looks pretty long and relatively narrow, should be fairly quick for it’s size.

Not sure why you’d want to add another 16 footer?

Unless you routinely overpower the Delta, there is likely no reason to go much longer unless you just want a longer boat, which can be a good enough reason :slight_smile:

Bill H.