New book by Nigel Foster

The Art of Kayaking.

ordered it. Thanks

Nice link - thanks.

Got mine!

If you ever get the chance to take a class with Nigel, do so! He’s also a supremely graceful canoeist. One of those blokes (I think I got that term right) like Bob Foote orKaren Knight, when given a boat & blade it’s all gracefully smooth inspiration.

Ok, back to work for me. Looking forward to my new reading material.

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I had the pleasure of taking a class with him at WMCKA a few years back. Very calm and mindful about subtle interactions between you, your paddle, your boat, and the water.

Nigel’s “Wind and Waves” course is one of the most useful courses I’ve seen. He teaches you how to maneuver your boat working with the air and water, rather than against it. It’s amazing how much more pleasant kayaking is once you understand the dynamics and interaction of these two forces.

He’s also a really fun guy to hang out with.

It was his recommendation that convinced us that it was worth lugging paddling gear from the US to Shetland. The place is downright magical for paddlers!

Got it today. Looks like a great book.