New buyer-advice pleas

I just bought 2 ascend fs10t kayaks for my wife and I from bass pro and what a horrible decision. Taking them back… Very tippy… She worked well in it by I couldn’t even stay balanced… It’s a fishing kayak and I couldn’t even stay on it let alone fish

Need help on some different ones…Prefer sit on top for easy hopping in and out of. Any help would be appreciated

This might be of help in

Are you too big for that boat?
Common mistake newbies make is to get two of the same boat, for spouses of very different sizes. If she is doing OK with hers and you are having an extremely different experience, it is possible that you are simply too big for its capacity and sinking it beyond its intended waterline. Hence more unstable.

Taller guys in general have to work harder at staying relaxed than shorter women in a boat, because any tension you have will communicate to the boat a lot faster than a shorter, lighter female. But in a case of extreme differences in the experience, you should consider the possibility that the boat is just set for a smaller capacity than you are.

one size does not fit all
This is one of the drawbacks of buying kayaks from places like Bass Pro, who don’t have the knowledgable sales personnel nor a wide enough range of boats to properly fit all customers.

You will get more useful advice from folks on here if you provide your personal metrics – height and weight – as well as your budget and what kind of paddling you plan to do with your boats and in what sort of waters. You will also be better served by seeking out a proper kayak outfitter rather than a “big box” general sporting goods store.

And do not return wife’s boat
At least if she likes it.

Let her keep the one that works for her. You should not mess up her situation because you did not get decent advice of capacity and weight issues. At least, if you want a paddling companion.

How much do you weigh?

How many other kayaks have you paddled?

Might be a good idea to take some lessons before buying a kayak.

I am 6’5 and 230 pounds. I was trying to stay away from 12 footers so it seemed like a good buy at the time. I think I will try a local kayak shop

way too big
Goodness, you’re way too big of a guy for such a small boat. That’s like putting a linebacker on a kid’s tricycle. No wonder you had trouble with stability! You’ll notice a real difference once you get into something with the right volume displacement to support you on the water. Even 12 footers may not be enough, unless they are quite wide.