New Buyer Advice

After renting sit on top’s for the last 3 years I’m ready to buy. Costco has a Pelican Pursuit 140T DLX Sit in Tandem for $629 including Paddles, The other tandem I’m looking at is the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 14.5 Tandem, its a lot more in price & paddles are extra. I know you get what you pay for, but is it a big difference like going between a yugo & corvette?

sorry but it’s true.

soooo many folks buy the cheap-o brand only to discover that boating stinks…yeah it DOES in an inferior boat.

have you considered some paddling EDUcation? learn some techniques and something about ALL the boats out there before you throw any $$$ at it.

my 2 cents worth is FREE! :slight_smile:


Chicago? Great Lakes?
Does your intended lake paddling include the big 'un that Chicago sits on? Seriously - that can be really major water, more than the boats you are considering are intended to handle unless you stay pretty close to shore.

I’d say the difference
is more like the difference between an East German Trabant and a Chevy Malibu. The Pelican boats are junk. The WS Pamlicos are good, solid, quality-built “economy cars.” Good entry level boats. But they aren’t Corvettes.