New Buyer - Fishing first, rec second

I know the wilderness systems tarpon 140 will be great for bay/lake/fresh/salt fishing…but what will I be able to do recreationally since it is a sit on top?

I assume I am just going to be able to do simple lake paddling…but what about anything with movement, etc??

Thanks in advance.

I’m not quite sure…
what you mean by “movement”. You can pretty much do anything “recreationally” in that boat except roll. (maybe someone out there has done that!)

It has good speed and an efficient hull. You will be able to cover some ground if you’re just taking in the sights exercising. It’s not just a fishing boat. There are plenty of folks who get a SOT and never fish from it.

Tarpon 140 is a decent all around boat. Lot’s of folks use them for day tripping, etc. It should handle open water pretty well. If your’re contemplating doing more than just fishing from it you might want to consider moving up to the T160. That is an excellent fishing/touring/camping expedition SOT.

Well thanks for the support on this…I am definitely buying in the next two weeks. Going to be a huge learning curve but thats the fun of it too I guess.

You will see more of me…hopefully I can contribute some in the future.

Not so much
Not as big of a learning curve as you’d expect for just getting around. Go out a time or two with someone who knows the ropes, and you’ll be all set for recreational paddling.

Have a clue about the water you’re about to enter before you enter it. Know your limits, but push them a little from time to time. You’ll be all set.

My wife first paddled a kayak when she was four months pregnant. She is a non-athlete and unfamiliar with boats in general and paddling in particular. By the end of the two-hour eco-tour, she was handling the boat just fine by herself.

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Its easy!
You’ll get the feel for the yak in no time.FYI-WS will be releasing the new TW version of the Tarpon 160 pretty soon if you can handle the wait.Its going to be just like the other T’s are now.If not,you should be able to find some sweet deals on the current version as many will be selling to get the new boat.Good luck!