New Canak Decked Canoe

I saw this new canoe on the Wenonah Website called the Canak 16".

What do you think of it? I like decked canoes. I have owned a Prism and really liked it. I think a decked canoe was a long time coming from Wenonah. I think decked canoes can be a better choice for many people who have not had this choice until now. Good Luck Wenonah! Thanks for this option.

Looks nice

Now they need to make a take apart kayak paddle that would have a canoe blade so you could use a double blade, or a single canoe paddle.

Jack L

I think it’s a low freeboard Prism, I’d want a rudder.

I like the shorter height

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for lower windage, but otherwise it seems like a heavier and more expensive canoe. The large size hatch openings do seem to keep the added weight down though.
I like the kayak style pegs. I have ended up putting Harmony pegs in my Wenonah Voyager after not being able to lock the later style sliding brace into place where it wouldn't slide foreward under hard paddling.

As a real tripping boat, there may be some limitations to how you can pack it compared to a canoe with a fabric cover. The Cooke Cover for instance allows for loads that are higher than the gunnals with an expanded stearn configuration or optional expanding bow and stearn sections.
This is even more of a consideration with the lower height and different geometry (high at the gunnals for a canoe vs low at the seam for a kayak style hull).
But that is also what makes it cheat the wind better than a canoe with or without a cover which can make a big difference at the end of the day.

It's an interesting concept.

It's nice to see Wenonah thinking outside of the gunnals a bit too.


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A few years ago, I bought a nice condition, skin coat Prism for 500 bucks. Got 200 more than I paid for it when I sold it a few months later.
Used Prisms come up for sale on a fairly regular basis.
Buy a used Prism, and get a Cooke Custom Cover that fits that Prism.
Now you have a similiar craft, capable of doing virtually anything the new Canak can do.

I'll guesstimate you'll have have saved yourself about 16 hundred dollars.
Buy some foot braces, a carbon fiber paddle, a Jetboil stove, and a new pfd.
You're probably still 1000 dollars ahead.

Or just blow 27 hundred on the Canak if that makes you happy!


I’ll Bet
I’ll bet 10:1 that Bob doesn’t buy one.

Any takers?

You won’t lose…
You won’t lose any money on that bet Tommy.

I forget to note that the portage yoke is an additional $125.00. Ca ching!

Do you think it comes with a cockpit cover?

Bet it don’t! Ca ching!

Kevlar version $2,699.00.

Plus tax.

Plus $125.00 for portage yoke.

Plus $75.00 (guesstimate) for cockpit cover.

Sounds like over 3 grand to me?


I bet monopoly money he

Not saying it will be this year or next,but he will buy someone else’s mistake.

And of course a short single blade.

Shorter height than what? Prism?
Same depth as the Advantage.

And he’ll sell it for twice as much : )

I’d like it to be narrower - about 28"
At 5’6" and normal length arms, I don’t need the wide beam. I’d also prefer lower bow & stern shear to reduce windage and to allow the hood and trunk lid to open wider when the boat is on top.

I wouldn’t even mind if it was as short as 15’.

Having said all that, I’d still like to try one.

I’ve only spent about 10 minutes in a Prism about three years ago and I don’t think that the foot brace was installed and I didn’t much like the experience.

I currently own an Advantage and it seems like a bit too much boat for me. My understanding is that the Canak is quite a bit more maneuverable than the Advantage.

Short, single blade paddle?
I wonder if that Pat Moore que I got earlier this year would work?




Fox Worx paddle
would… They will make a bent to any shaft length.

Same depth as the Advantage.
Same depth as an Advantage at the stearn, an inch shorter at the bow and a half inch shorter midway down.

But it’s also 3" shorter than a Prism at the bow and stearn which will make a difference in a stiff wind.

Not too short.
The seat’s at least 6" off the bottom.

Sell Advantage; buy Canak.

I’d like to do a 60 minute test paddle in one.

After that, I’d be finished with it.


I’d have to sell my Advantage almost
three times to pay for a Canak. I do have a couple people interested in it, if I do chose to sell it.

Why would one trust the front and rear
storage covers? How are they stiffened or supported?

Got to Rutabaga and try one.
It’s just a day trip for you. Report back to us.

Isnt it a day trip for you?
Seriously Chi town is 25 hours from here. Madison what another two?

LOL…Lab City is closer to me.

But I too wonder about those covers and why not just hard big hatches? I am imaging elastic… and not so bombproof. I prefer snaps and a spray cover on my canoe.

But kudos to Wenonah for trying. If I ever see one I will try to pilfer a ride.