New canoe choices

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I found a dealer with a Bell yellowstone solo that is only a short drive. and the price is good to. i have also thaught about a mohawk 14 as well but no dealers found yet. the price difrence is not a big deal.
but i have started to wonder , as i read some of the archived stuff on the wildfire. at 225lbs is that realy going to hurt me on porformance?
the canoe would be for ozarks paddling trips(day and overnighters) and see little use around ky waters.(green river could happen)
and i would like to know if a kayak paddle would work with the yellowstone solo or mohawk14? since this is a canoe that will see limited use. how easy would it be to readjust to paddling it, after a lay off of sevaral months?
i have considered the acdia 2 as option but wonder if it would be the best choice for ozark paddling.

I am close to your weight, and I would
not hesitate to use my similar-sized Mad River Guide for Ozark overnighters. You can certainly use a double-bladed paddle… I do on occasion. As for only occasional use, once you get the “feel” of a small solo canoe, it doesn’t go away. You can get back in after a year and quickly be quite at home.

For solo boats look at the new Argosy.

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The Argosy is Wenonah's newest river solo boat. It is a really great boat for a solo in this part of the country. It is nimble, and track really well. It is 14'6" and it ranks up there as far as river solo boats go. It is really priced well at $899 to. I work at a paddlesport specialty shop in Alabama and I am going to be in Hopkinsville Kentucky around Christmas. I would be glad to deliver you one of these boats up to there if you are interested in getting one. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions. I can be reached during the day or you can email me. I really think that you would love this boat and it is so new that I wanted to let you know about it so that you could take a look at it before making a decision on which boats is best for you. Hopknisville is close to Land Between the Lakes so let me know if that would help. There is also not going to be any tax if you order this boat from me because you are out of state. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I also deal Bell and Mad River. Mad River also has the Freedom Solo and that is a great boat to, especially with the IQ system. --Gavin

Mohawk Solo 14

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I'm close to your weight and the solo 14 works well with a double paddle less good for me with a single paddle. Very stable, 2 or 3 times used double paddle in 35 mph headwind, no problem. Like to use single paddle mostly but not in a hesdwind, Will hold enough gear for weekend trip.
You can order from factory. Great coustomer service.
Keep the open side up :~) Dave

Mad River Freedom Solo
is a great boat for what you want to do. I’m the same weight and have used it on day trips and overnighters. Stable with plenty of room. Not so good on windy lakes, but that’s not what you’ll be doing.

I use straight shaft, bent shaft, and double paddles. All work well with the boat. Make sure you get a long enough double paddle. Kayak paddles are too short. Mine is the Wave 270 cm:

Good luck,


A has been said the Yellowstone Solo/Wildfire RX is asymmetric in terms of rocker – it has more rocker in the bow than in the stern. This is what Bell calls “differential rocker”. The Wildfire (composite) has equal amounts of rocker at both stems. There are of course other differences between the Royalex version and the composite versions owning to the very different molding processes. Bell used to market what they now call the Yellowstone Solo as the Wildfire (in Royalex). Of course they also marketed composite versions as the Wildfire – and still do. From the beginning of production there were differences in hull design between the RX and composite versions. Eventually Bell decided to separate these two different canoes by name. This name change may very well have to do with Charlie Wilson’s claims on the design.

It has been said many times in posts here at the PN forums and in face-to-face conversations I’ve had with other paddlers (who seem to be in the know) that Charlie Wilson owns the rights to the (composite) Wildfire design and will at some point take it for production by his own company: Placid Boat Works. Rumors to this effect were running hot and heavy last summer and fall, but so far I’ve seen nothing at Bell’s web site to confirm this. If and when PBW takes over production I’m sure it will be a first rate canoe – and judging by their price list it will cost mucho bucks. Bell may have decided to cover itself by throwing a name change into the mix. To my understanding Wilson does not own a “piece” of the Yellowstone Solo.

Regarding the differences between the Yellowstone Solo of today and the Wildfire RX of a few years ago. My take on it is exactly the same as Todd’s. I know of no differences what-so-ever other than name. I’ve paddled them both and feel no differences. I’m hardly a world class paddler, but I’ve logged hundreds of miles in an older Wildfire RX that I’ve been paddling for years and I’ve also paddled the current Yellowstone Solo. I can see no differences and I can feel no difference between the WFRX and the newer YS. But maybe that just me… In posts here at PN in the last couple of years people have claimed the design was “slightly tweaked”… I’d like to know specifics on how one would slightly tweak a molding form. A metal vacu-form mold is hardly something you “take a little off here and add a little there” to. Those things cost an arm and a leg – you don’t just casually adjust or “update” them. But if I’m wrong please enlighten me, but please be specific. Until I’m corrected I’ll content the YS and WFRX are exactly the same boat, but they are now being sold under a different marketing appellation.

That’s my take on the situation, but as always I stand ready for enlightenment! ;^) RK

I’ve used a double paddle (not…
…a KAYAK paddle!) 95% of the time in a Pack, a Sandpiper, and two Vagabonds (Royalex & kevlar). Carry a single for backup, but only use it in very

narrow spots or for variety. It works well with a C stroke, but I prefer the double-great sweeps & pries.

I did get a biggy, 9 ft, to minimize drips.

Sun shadow solo
Was looking at the sun shadow solo by bending 46oz and 280cm i think it will do pretty good.

ps thanks for all the replys. i have found the canoe i will go with.the mohawk solo 14, found one at a great price and it is already rigged.