New canoe motor mount.

How does 35 US sound for the used heavy duty original, up to 5hp, Grumman canoe motor mount sound?

It is an adjustable heavy duty aluminum unit that can be mounted at various points along the canoe.

It is in mint condition with a new heavy duty rock maple motorclamping board.

Sounds decent to me. jus be sure it will fit your application /needs before buying. Some tend to be too long/short for where you wnat to put them.

BTW, I’m assuming the 5hp is just the rating of the mount and that your going to hang allot less than a 5 hp on the side. That could get scary.

Don’t know this one, but

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the lowest price for side-to-side mount is about $60, I think. Usually it's an aluminum plate 3-4 ft long with vertical wooden board on one end and 2 clamps and there are slots in the plate that allow adjusting it to beam width in particular location. Usually they are not boat-specific.

Ratings up to 5 HP are based on both power and weight - motors over 5HP are simply too heavy to hang on the side. I don't think you should put anything over 3.5 HP there, and typical 3.5HP 4-stroke Mercury/Tohatsu (same thing) weighs 42 lbs. On the side, you don't want it heavier than that.