new canoe need new paddle advice

Well, it’s a used but nicely kept Bell Merlin 2 in white gold. I originally owned a Wenonah Vagabond and used a Camp Paddle 50" with a 14 degree bend. Now I am looking at the ZRE recreational paddle with the 12 degree bend. According to the sizing method on the ZRE site I need a 48" long paddle. How accurate is this sizing method and would there be much difference in my old camp paddle and the ZRE?


I like the Zav Light 12 degree. 7.5 oz is unbeleiveable. I have had mine for 3 years and have used it in all conditions barring shallow rocky conditions, seems plenty durable. Check the blems out.

Camp vs. Zaveral
Big difference is the shape of the grip. The Zaveral is much better fitted to the human hand and less likely to cause cramps or blisters.

Weight difference will depend on the particular Camp paddle you have and the Zaveral you buy. Could be 5-6 oz difference or 8-10oz. The 2 degree difference in bend is not very noticeable.

As far as length, the Zaveral guide is pretty accurate, but if you are comfortable with the length of your Camp paddle and your knob hand is not above your eyes when paddling, the 50" may not be too long. How tall are you? We now the boat model and where the seat is mounted, your height is the other needed part of the sizing equation.


I am 5’ 6" and mesured from seat to top of nose bridge was 29 1/2". The site then recommends adding the length of the blade to that measure to get overall paddle length. I think it was like 48".

My camp paddle is the classic made by camp not foxworx. I noticed they have two types at ZRE one is the recreational and another is the medium which is like 10 oz vs. 14 oz.I think my camp paddle weighs 16 oz. Yes, I did look at blems, thanks.

ZRE vs wood
I use a ZRE that is 4" shorter than my favorite wood bent shaft paddle. It is a perfect paddle for high cadence hit and switch, and the shorter length feels great.