new canoe purchase

Need opinions on Pelican Explorer DLX 15’6" Ram -X hull. Or Old Town 146 Saranac. Wanting to of anyone had pros/cons on either model. Both will be for flat water paddling and over night + trips.

which canoe
Both are pretty short for overnight trips. I would look for something larger.

Agree that those are short for canoe
camping, much less multi-day trips. Check the used canoe market for something 16.5 to 17 feet long. The canoes you cite are built down to a price, not up to a purpose.

if you get your food sealed up tight in

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one floatation bag...I've gone on 2-3day trips. Think that Katahdin should be able to handle lightweight camping gear..... Think I agree with ezwater on the manufacturing theme.

Pelican = junk

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Pelican is junk, avoid anything Pelican. The model you are looking at weighs 90 lbs. You'd better be a weightlifter if you plan on cartopping that. Old Town makes some good canoes, but the Saranac is pretty much their bottom of the line. Between the two I'd definitely get the Saranac.

However neither is appropriate for what you want it for. You will not have fun using either for camping and extended trips. Not only are they already too small for your purpose, the built in center seats are a significant waste of valuable space.

Since price appears to be an issue, you are far better off going the used route and getting a better quality canoe. You can probably pick up a used OT Discovery 169 or 174, OT Penobscot, or a Mad River Explorer 16 for roughly what you'd pay for either of those boats new, and wind up with a far better boat for your intended purposes.

I'm not a fan of aluminum canoes, but you can also probably find a used 17' or 18' Grumman for less than you'd pay for these new and it will do a better job than either.