New Canoe Symposium in New Jersey

Pine Barrens Symposium: October 16 – 18, 2015. Camp Ockanickon, Medford, NJ. The “exploratory committee” toured the site last weekend and was really impressed. The lake is gorgeous – and CLOSE to the lodge/bunkhouse. The Lodge has semi-private rooms and a living room with a fireplace. The dining hall is really nice and they do the cooking! There are open air cabins beside the lodge. There is space for campers/RVs. There are motels and B&Bs fairly close. The camp staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating. Did I mention the lake was gorgeous?

This camp is located near some of the best Pine Barrens streams for applying freestyle canoe maneuvers in real life (or Creekin’ Freestyle). Class info will be coming later, but it will be a little different from past symposia.

For further information and updates visit the freestyle website,


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Ah's not been kild or done in by some jeeloos husband between now an' then, pleese sign me up fer dis event, Marc.


(Ah' wuz on de Mullica yesterday an' taday.)

Too early to sign up
I’d love to sign you up, but even I can’t yet. Tim B is the actual organizer of this event. He’s told me that he has sent the camp a deposit for the site. It will likely take a bit of time to get the contract signed etc. As soon as registration materials are posted on the FS website, I’ll post a notice to that effect here. It should be a lot of fun. The emphasis at this event will be on functional use of freestyle technique. We plan to use the Batsto as a teaching venue, in addition to the lake that is on the camp property.

I look forward to seeing you and lots of your Joisey friends at this event.

Good location

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And a good idea. I can get there without the usual travel fatigue layered on top of my ever-present old man fatigue. And my old car will appreciate not having its' wheels driven off again. I'll put it on my calendar.


Good idea. Are there tent sites?
If not, Atsion State Park CG is nine miles away.

Uh oh
we might all start talking Joiseyes ala FE

That would be funny coming out of your mouth Marc… Louise is the next Joisey Goil!

No tent sites per se,
But there is some space to set up tents. There are also some unheated bunk cabins reserved for our group. But the lodge is so nice - and so close to the water. And as Glen mentions, Atsion is just down the road.

…already a couple of my buds and a chance to meet FE? I think this sounds like just the thing to get us to head east for a vacation?

Preliminary plans are to offer instruction on the camp’s lake and on the Batsto river. Two classes would be offered on the Batsto. One would be a downstream only class, beginning at Quaker Bridge and ending on Batsto Lake. The other would be an up and back class beginning and ending at Quaker Bridge. Emphasis on the up and back trip would be on reading the current nuances so as to travel upstream with minimal effort and maximum grace.

Sounds good
I’d love to get down and paddle in that area.