new canoe!!!!

i just got a old town discovery canoe i think he said it is the 174. will be using it mainly solo fishing but will have my dog and freinds from time to time. was just wondering if there is any advice you think i should have before i fish it :slight_smile:

Happy New Canoe Day!

I love the Discovery series. That’s a big one.

No particular advice if you already know how to handle a canoe. If you don’t already know how to handle a canoe, then I’d learn some modest proficiency with the boat before adding fishing to the mix. If you’re already comfortable in a canoe, then toss in some rods and go have a ball.

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yeah i wanted a little smaller of one but the used market is hard right now i kept being a day late. i have fished in a canoe twice i think, but a freind and i are going to do a lazy tour down either the columbia or willamette first before i take it fishing. cannot wait

Good plan.
Do yourself a favor and buy a PFD that is comfortable enough that you will wear it from bank to bank. Put it on with your feet on dry land and don’t take it off until you step back onto dry land. There’s nothing cool about drowning.

Other than wearing a PFD and knowing a bit about how to keep your canoe people side up while on the water, I’m not sure there’s much else you need to know to get started. Stay safe, have fun, tight lines (in that order).

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you can paddle it solo if needed …

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....... about 80 lbs. ballast in bow section if paddling from stern seat does an ok job for light winds , or get behind center thwart on knees although kinda wide , it works ok too .

Just avoid soloing it in stiffer winds cause it will have it's way with you , you'll know when too much is "too" much !!

If calm and no winds I haven't any troubles just paddling from the stern w/o bow ballast though the bow is light and sensitive like that ... long heavier canoe with that much out front of you keeps the wheelie effect to a bare minimum and gets up a good quick speed too with little effort on the paddle .

Agree with D about getting some seat time in with that canoe before heading out into the unknown , and the pfd .

Tandem paddle will be just as you expect w/o surprises . As for fishing from it , sure , same as fishing any otherwise .

i measured the canoe and end to end reads 16ft and a little slop. i think that guy either was mistaken, or old town measures there canoe in a away that i donot understand. oh well as long as it floats.

Maybe it’s a 158 or 168
Doesn’t matter. All of the Discovery Series are good canoes for what you have in mind.

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Good paddles.
That’s my bit of advice.

Big D already hit you with the PFD. They make some great paddling-specific PFD’s with pockets designed for fishing gear these days - such as the Stohlquist PiSeas. A PFD designed for paddling will make wearing it all the time a comfortable thing to do.

So will having good paddles. Bone up a little here about canoe paddle sizing and designs before spending much money on them - but if you’re using some cheap blade in the meantime, you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference when you upgrade.That Disco is a decent enough canoe, and good paddles will make it even better.

first trip.
well took it out for the first time yesterday and it was a blast we rolled it once we paddled into the current with a strong down stream wind, and when the nose got out of control we both paddled on the downwind/ current side and over we went :slight_smile: did you know that those canoe float even when full of water? once i got into the canoe by myself i was able to stand and paddle so i think i will be alone mostly. all in all it was a heck of a lot of fun. we definatley had our pfd on.

Sure. The ends are stuffed with styrofoam so that they don’t fill with water. That helps to keep it on top even when swamped and filled. Also, I think some of those are made from a three layer plastic that has a plastic foam between crunchy candy coatings, which helps keep it floating.

If you get into rougher water, there are even big bags you can fill with air to strap in the fore and aft of the boat so that the air bags don’t permit water to fill in that space. They’re called “flotation bags” and you can get them from NRS (

Glad you have a good time despite a flip. Flips can be fun when you’re ready for them.

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You won’t flip much if at all…
…once you learn to lean away from current and learn boat control through proper paddle strokes. If you don’t have some paddle instruction available nearby, get a copy of the book “Paddle Your Own Canoe”.

Four rules for paddling in current
1. When in doubt, paddle like Hell.

2. If you aren’t going faster or slower than the current, you are flotsam.

3. Show your butt to the current.

4. Hug the rock.

That the first two rules and the last two rules are essentially the same is not accidental.

If you’re in mild current, the rules still apply but the consequences aren’t as sudden.

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