New car roof rail channels, how to prevent corrosion

Hello again, I am changing car, and wished to ask if you have any tips for keeping the roof rack rain channels free from rust, i transport my kayak on a rack on top of the car, and kayak in salt water. I do wipe the kayak body down, but notice the deck lines & bungees absorb & drip just enough water to have created a problem with corrosion on the rain channels on my previous car.

is there some sort of treatment that i can do to improve this? thanks

That’s odd since the roof and rain channels were made to be wet! I’ve never seen this on any of my cars. Here’s two suggestions:

  1. I wash the boat off before I put it on the roof. For $45 or so you can get a battery powered pressure washer, 5 gallon jug for water off of Amazon. Connect power washer to jug of clean water and rinse everything off before loading up the car. I do my shoes, drysuit…everything. Rather do this at the launch site then have to set up a whole wash station when I get home. The drive home helps dry the boat.

  2. Rinse the roof of the car off with a hose when you get home.



Sweet tool.

Wool wax

Who woulda though sheep fat and wax would be a remedy!

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Someone who’s making millions now.

I use Fluid-Film it is also a sheep wool product that is lanoline based. Not sold exclusively for boat use as it has many more uses.

I wipe my entire hull down with it and it can also be used on the roof rails and gutters.

I get mine on Amazon.

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I use Boeshield protective lubricant in the spray can or from the drip bottle on the metal joints of my folding kayaks and on the sprockets of my bicycle gears and chains to protect against corrosion but I am not sure how well it would cling to surfaces in continuous wind and driven rain. Easy to repeatedly apply, though.

Fluid Film and Wool Wax same company. FF is a bit thinner. You can buy cans and brush it on. I did screw heads on my racks. Clear is really milky and black is black and can get all over you. Same product the just add carbon black to the product to make car chassis black. I bought a 5 gallon pail of clear for my vehicles of wool wax.

And who would have though that sheep could be more than wool providers, sources of meat and a freindly companion, as in a pet.

People like the guy that invented the wheel. :joy:

Absolutely. Seems that everybody has hesrd of it. Does it work on leather goods.

Yes spray it on my work boots to protect them from mortar droppings and wetness.

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That’s good advice.

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