New car. Where to attach rack hooks ?

I have a canoe. Got a new(er) car…2006 Saturn coupe…unfortunately it has a spoiler on the trunk. To transport my canoe, typically I would use the foam blocks and poly ropes with the S hooks under the front and back of car and under the side window moldings. Can’t do that anymore. Aside from the spoiler, it has plastic covered bumpers and nowhere under the car to place the hooks. Any suggestions?


Try this
For the front of the car you can pop the hood and attach a loop line to each corner, close your hood with these loops hanging out then attach your bow line to them. You can use your straps to secure the top by simply putting them through your open doors and closing the doors to secure. The rear tie can be done by attaching another loop of rope around the inside of the deck lid, maybe the latch inside, then close it and attach the rear line. And a little prayer wouldn’t hurt either.

Coupes and car topping dont really go hand in hand…And there is no real substitute for a good roof rack system, but the above ideas of using under hood straps to hold your bow lines is a good one, and there are ways to do the same with the trunk, I believe. Just dont travel in the rain with this kind of set up, water WILL seep into your car via the webbing used to hold your kayak to the roof.

another option, is to have a permanent rack installed. I know JC Whitney sells some, if they have one to fit your car roof that is. They would be limited to the bars that come with them, but IMO would be better than just foam blocks, so long as they can support the weight of your canoe.

At least your being safe and using bow and stern tie downs. Some people (especially in my area) seem to think they are not needed. Takes 1 minute to put both on…1 minute for a few hundred to thousands of dollars is worth it, to me.

loops …
seattle sports makes anchor loops you can install under a hood or trunk lid that might help.