New CD Krestral 140 SOT Delayed

I have been checking on this new model for a while. They don’t provide weight capacities, but it looks like something I might be interested in.

I have been checking in with California Canoe and Kayak periodically.

They were made in China. It was originally due to be in the store in May, then June. I was told a contained was in transit, but now it is on indefinite hold for some reason.

It this seems promising, but they may not be available in time for use this paddling season.

I ordered one
Rented the Kestrel 140 SOT from a dealer in Fla. during a visit in April. I liked it so much that I ordered one from a dealer in my area when I got home. I was told at that time that it should arrive no later than the end of this month, maybe earlier. After reading your email, I called Current Designs and spoke with a customer rep there who basically confirmed your info, altho he said I should have it by the end of July. I’m disappointed and suspect that it won’t be arriving for months. This is also the first I’ve heard that it is manufactured in China. I assumed that it would be manufacured in the Current Designs’ new state-of-the-art facility in the USA showcased on their website. I’m thinking about cancelling the order. Oh well…

You have a lot of patience,
but it sounds like it’s wearing thin.

I know the Epic Sport dosen’t fit your length reqirement, however, I read in their catalog that they design their boats with out rocker. So the 12’8" Sport water line is probably close to the 14’ Kestrel.

worth the wait
I tried many SOT’s and settled on this boat. While waiting, I lucked into another dealer who had just got 3 in stock. They were gone in as many days. I was very disappointed to hear they were made in China, but got over that when I got my boat. I love it and it was worth the wait.

I know were I can get a couple blems at good price. I may just get one.

I am spending most of my time following Kathy’s Pungo 120 around the lake these days, so 12’ may not be that bad a thing.

Hey Betteweena
What type of water do you use the boat on (ie lakes, rivers,ocean)?

water type
I have only had the boat for a short while and I am paddling on rivers and bays. I did get to the gulf and had some 1 foot waves, which the boat handled really well and was a big deal since I am a beginner.

Enjoy the boat!

Glass sot
The Epic GPS is a glass sit on top , its kind of fun .No hatches,

or skeg , and while not made in China , is made in South Africa .

Its light weight and has decent speed . With my weight it is not

good for rough water as it sits pretty low in the water . John