New CLC kit ordered

I just ordered my CLC Transit Platform (pallet) kit! Not sure if I should varnish or oil. Here is link CLC Build-Your-Own-Pallet Kit


It’s sure to be a big hit !!
I hope you can get it today on your special day :+1:

That’s excellent. I wonder if someone will offer a carbon fiber version :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen pallets painted like an American Flag propped up in people’s front yards. With such beautiful wood, maybe you should do that with your pallet too?

If you check with local businesses they are often plagued with pallets left behind from deliveries and will be overjoyed if you will haul a few away for free. A lot of trash companies will not pick them up.

Of course they will not be works of art like the ones you make from a CLC kit or be as weather resistant.

What are you moving on your pallet?