New Cobra Re-Vision

-- Last Updated: Oct-19-05 1:56 PM EST --

Cobra has the new Re-Vision up on the website.

I already have a 13'4" SOT, but the Re-Vision is more surf specific for longboard size waves common on Monterrey Bay most of the year.

It also has more capacity.

Anyone actually paddle one in surf, yet?

A Matter of Definition…

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I’m having problems reconciling a 13 foot kayak and the sport of surfing. Almost all the true surf kayaks are in the 7 to 9 foot range. But I guess it has a lot to do with how you define “surfing”. Almost anything that floats can be propelled shoreward by a wave. Is that surfing? Ask most serious paddle surfers and I think they will tell you that a boat as long as you describe, is not really surfing, in the traditional sense of the word. Can you do deep bottom turns, radical off the lip maneuvers, sharp cut backs, floaters...all moves that really define surfing?. I seriously doubt it.

But hey...if those moves aren’t important to you...then have at it! If its fun to you...that’s all that really matters


I agree you can not really “Surf” a 13’ boat.

Specicially, what I have in mind is surf launch and landing from Monterrey Bay beaches thru 3-4’ beach break and crusing up the coast a few miles and then back, and maybe riding some swells along the way.

It might also be fun for riding bigger swells on Lake Tahoe.

“Surfing” Or Not
the boat has some serious looking edges. Looks like it would be fun in open swells and small breaking waves.



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Surfing started with longboards. Shortboards--and short boats--are a relatively recent thing. So I'd say different, yes, but still surfing.

But “Long” Is Relative…

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I am soooo tempted, but I won't go there....

I have seen photos of the orginal Hawaiian boards that were like 20' long, but in modern times even long boards are under 10-11'

But I bet it would ride some swells at Lake Tahoe. I am spending more time at Lake Tahoe than the coast these days. I'll take my fun where I find it...

Or As We Used To Say…
Or as we used to say when I was a kid…

If it swells, ride it!

All depends on what you have to ride

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On sloppy little days when the Wave Witch is picking up short rides and a four-man surfing canoe is picking up the same sets and riding them across the channel to link up with the break on the other side, a little more length looks like fun. But that's the boat after next....

Edited to add: not a surfing canoe. The first container of V-10s is supposed to be arriving in HI late November (will fully believe that when I see it), so I'm hoping for new ski in a month or so and then a decked boat in maybe January. Still negotiating on the second one, though.


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Kathy is actually pressuring me to get a FeatherCraft Java that can be used as a double. She misses the canoe days when she did not have to paddle!

The Re-vision would be a replacement for the Mars. I hate to let it go, but I can give it to one of the "kids" and keep it in the family.

At $700-800, the Re-Vision is not exactly a big ticket item.