New Coleman kayak

It seems like coleman always made those really cheap inflatible “Pool Toy” boats, but now they are coming out with a new inflatible kayak that looks alot more High-Class and alot better in design. It is 10.9’ long, and 30" wide, and has the body of a Rigid Kayak. It looks, well, just so much nicer than the other coleman boats on the market. Its called the fastback, and really looks like you are getting something quite nice for the money. Costs 350 dollars, but looks like its worth it-

It looks like a Stearns kayak. It resembles the cordova. Maybe colman is trying to compete with the “Big Dogs” such as Stearns and Advanced Elements.

I like the big luggage rack
You could sure carry a lot of water up there

my first impression
got to see my first soft kayak this weekend, a Sterns. what really really impressed me was the weight… what do they make these out of? are the fabrics impregnated with lead? i had guessed it would be feather light as i volunteered to help carry it from take out… next time i will look real busy when it’t time to drag that monster… not sure if coleman units will have similar weights but i had previously thought of adding one of these air boats to my fleet… now, the only reason i will ever own one is if i can afford that dream trip to the remote alaskan outback by float plane, where your only option for a boat would be one of these… then i would seriously consider throwing it on the campfire before the plane returned to pick us up a week later…

That’s too funny Zinrider!!!

Got more wrinkles
Than Grandpa Simpson.

Sleeping bag!
It looks warm and comfortable like a big inflatable sleeping bag!

…But,I understand your point Pamlico_14

The only thing i like that is inflated,would be a Zodiac…

this one looks faster

That’s a good point.
On a camping trip, the inflatable kayaks make for comfortable mattresses. And with all of the extra work those barges must be to paddle, you will need a comfortable place to sleep.


Inflatables aren’t worth the money
In my opinion. One of my first kayaks was an Advanced Elements(I think West Marine sells it), and it was a total waste. Those things are slow and tend to be more trouble than any other boat I have used.

Excuse me.but,have we met before? The airheads all look the same…

next time I’m in the market for a
10-foot-long, 30-inch-wide, inflatable boat

I’ll definitely take it into consideration

Come on guys,
be more open minded, like me. I like lots of kayaks like Expedition, Entry-level touring, day Touring, Inflatable, SOT ETC. See?? I’m very open-minded on kayaks.

In that range, get an Otter, cheaper.

Careful Batman
He’s only a junior, don’t give him ideas.

yes but
the young women in the area need a head start