New Composite Fishing Kayak..

…coming from Current Designs. I don’t know much about it yet…

scroll down:

Sounds expensive, but light for a 15
footer. Wilderness Systems has brought out a new Ride, much improved, supposed to paddle better, no or reduced hull slap, and a tankwell that you could almost put one of those big igloo coolers in for off shore fishing. Then, there’s Liquid Logic’s Manta Ray, Hurricane Phoenix has a 16 footer new this year, and Ocean Kayak has come out with something called the Big Game, and it is big.

Another short fat SOT but now in composite!

No thanks. Plastic for me.
I abuse boat bottoms. Not about to sink money into a composite. Plus, most of the places I fish have put-ins with parking lots. Kind of cuts down on the advantage of low weight when you can use a boat ramp to unload and usually have a shuttle buddy there to help.

Would be nice for folks with deeper water and longer foot-treks to the put-ins. But all the tackle is kind of heavy, so there goes the advantage.

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What’s the price on this thing ?

Double Yawn :slight_smile:
As far as I know they are not at the dealers yet. It was previewed for the Salt Lake City show…

I would love to see the Suka having had a Caribou, but this has nothing to do with fishing…

Another barge
15’x31" I thought the new hurricane Pheonix 160 was wide at 16’x29" and the same weight in polycarbonate for less money. They need to get a little more creative.