New CPR method

Seems this be de latest an’ greatest…

Fat Elmo

good stuff
man i was always parnoid about geting something bad if i did cpr on some one

Thanks for the update FE.
That’s a very timely video considering my wife recently had a heart attack. Fortunately she had good medical care and has recovered. The video is a good reminder to all to be ready for giving aid to those who need it.

sorry about ya wife
glad she is doing ok man i have to get back in shape heart diesese runs in my family

Every body should know CPR
The life you save could be mine!

Seriously though, everybody should know it, I have a friend that is walking today because somebody knew CPR.

Great Video!
Thanks FE.

That’s watered-down a lot …
Did not watch the whole thing but for CPR to be fully effective one needs to make sure there are no obstructions in the air ways. Plus, one can easily break a rib or two the way these folks suggest this is done - a strong male locking their elbows and dropping down can crush a child’s chest…

Keep in mind that is not just to be applied to old overweight males with a cardiac arrest by other large males -:wink:

Most o’ dats 'splained
in de part yer probably didn’t watch.


AND, it doesn’t require an interruption
in production of artificial dialect, either.

Cood yer reepete dat…

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Didn't quite savy wat youz wuz sayin'!