New Decks Needed for Mad River Guide....

Just picked up a used Guide with wood gunwales and it needs new decks.

Anyone know where I would can get some to fit?




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You didn't mention RX or composite hull and rail material, all of which are needed, The RX hulls had flat Rx sheeting shapes and screwed to wood rails. I don't remember what they did for vinyl rails, and composite hulls had fitted/ glue together wooden decks.

Try Marc Ornstein at, 585.698.5773. He has a system for making one off carbon decks that make make your life easy[ier].

My vinyl railed Guide has short plastic
decks with a carrying handle moulded in. I thought of putting on the FG decks from my erstwhile MR Compatriot, but they really don’t fit that well.

What material are the decks made from?

decks are wood

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The rails are wood and so are the decks. Boat is royalex. They have rotted a bit and hence the need for replacement. Current decks are screwed in on TOP of the gunwales.


Contact openboater at Vermont Canoe.
He had a bunch of NOS MRC flush (recessed?) decks around and may have a pair that will work. If the old ones are glued, you might have some trouble getting them off the inwales, which are likely rotted some, too.

In either case, Rob’s the go-to guy for help.

I did email Vermont Canoe and I am going to call Mad River today as well as my local dealer. Hopefully somethign will come of it. I guess I am just concerned that since it is a model no longer made that I may have trouble finding something to fit. I guess the Freedom Solo is available with gunwales so maybe the new ones will fit.

The ones on my Guide now fit ON TOP of the gunwales and are not recessed. I would guess that the newer Freedoms would have recessed deck plates as they are a bit more elegant, but not sure.


I’ll look for your email…
in the meantime, your Guide decks were butternut. Today MRC/Confluence makes them the same way for the Freedoom Solo (same canoe, different name) and should have plenty available. I believe they are made of ash now. MRC only put recessed decks on composite canoes, not Royalex. I have old butternut deck blanks from which I can make Guide decks. These blanks came from the old factory here in VT. They would proably cost a bit more, though.

I’ll respond to your email.


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Make your own
You can choose the species of wood you want to use.

It’s not all that hard, once you figure the angle of you rails.

Here are mine, scroll down for picks.

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Nice Decks…
We’re taking in an old MRC Whistler on trade just like the one you fixed up. Same color, too. Needs all new wood and some composite work. Don’t know if we’ll keep it or sell it once it’s been restored.