new drysuit zipper

just purchased a new palm sidewinder silver xp100 drysuit, this is my first drysuit.the zipper seems jammed,it is in the closed there any trick to getting it open?

Dry suit zippers are all very sticky. Get some zipper lube or bees wax on them (after you get it open the first time). I’ve been using AquaSeal ZipTech on mine.

yup, they stick
When I got my (used but not abused) Kokatat I had to tie a shoelace to the pull tab, tie that to a door knob and grasp both sides of the zipper and pull it with all my might to get it to start sliding. Once I worked the zipper lube into it and ran it back and forth a few times it ran easier – still a chore to zip it up but it is manageable.