Just curious if anyone has had a chance to read John Winter’s new 3rd edition e-book of “The Shape of the Canoe: Designing Canoes and Kayaks”?

What’s new?
What’s new in it over the article(s) available free online?

I don’t feel like plunking down $20 bucks only to find out it’s Winters info I’ve already read (all good) elsewhere free - and would expect more content that price.

Can someone please “Enlighten” me as to the contents?

Chapter titles

John Winter’s book
I am the president of a rather large kayaking club here in SC and have not had the opportunity to look at this e-book as yet, however, I personally own an Enlightened Kayak (which is a fantastic boat) with a hull that was designed by John Winters and know that he is one of the best boat designers around.

Also QCC
It appears he’s the designer of the QCC boats.

His (apparently) design comments on the QCC website are interesting.