New England meetup!

June 11th, Tully Lake Royalston, MA. (90 minutes from Boston)

Expect to paddle about 5 miles, more if the water cooperates, or 7+ if we have to use the boat launch, not the canoe launch.

Sign up here…


I might be interested - been a couple of years since I have been to Tully Lake.

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anybody else?

It should be noted that there’s a lake part BUT the best part is the river that goes back 3-4 kilometers from the boat launch on Doane Hill Rd. Lots of birds to see and it’s just generally a nice paddle.

Join us! It’ll be fun to put faces to screen names.

edited to add: If you’re up for it you can take a hike to the falls. I hear it’s really nice.

I’d love to, but I’m planning on being up in Errol NH for the day.

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Errol is probably our second favorite place to camp/kayak. Pittsburg is #1.

If you’re having fun up there lucky you!

Cancelling this event.

Chance of rain and we just booked something else, non-kayaking… We’ll try again later in the summer.

Thanks for trying