New entrapment danger.

Today on a cold trip on Cedar Creek in the Pinelands of Jersey I was with a friend who was in his C-1 which was bagged fore and aft in the usual fashion. My friend was wearing a dry suit and appropriate gear and is a good paddler. While fooling around in a small wave he flipped over and encountered a new (to me) method of entrapment.

His shoes had frozen to the bags in the bow of his boat. He had to pull out of his shoes during his wet exit.

I’ve read with interest all the descriptions of entanglements with lines, footpegs, and other gear in the cockpit of kayaks and such, but this was a new one to me.

Yewww! Een eeeah’ gooths…

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I’ve been out on days like that.
Even if you’re feeling comfy, it’s a good idea to shift the limbs and bottom. Rapid ice accumulation might suggest that you look for a sunny place to wait an hour before continuing.

Another one from a boat builder …

scroll down to “idiot” article …

Hmmm, see guideboatguy’s comment in the nearby thread “learned something today” (4 or 5 down from top). He was wearing neoprene boots and he said they froze to a shape that wouldn’t let him remove them until they had thawed again. Put that together with this story and it really gets frightening.

Clarification please…
I think of a C1 as a decked solo canoe in which the paddler uses a single blade and kneels in a cockpit with spray skirt over his knees and around the waist. If this were the case his boots could not become frozen to any item in the bow. Could you describe the stationing in question? Thanks.

You’re right, my bad. In that other thread you can see the boat I’m talking about in all three pictures that FE posted. It’s the light colored boat. It’s on the right in the picture on the river, and the guy with the white helmet and the yellow drysuit is in it.

might wanna have him think about kneelin
kneel in a C-1

a long time ago…
when I was a newbie to the sport I was practicing rolling and during a wet exit got my shoelaces caught in my rudder controls… something else to keep in mind. I never wear laced footwear while paddling now

That’s a good one to know, thanks.

Gives me an idea. I could epoxy
patches of my hair around the inside of my new boat as a way of detering theft. Maybe a patch of pubic hair would be especially repellent to thieves.