New Everglades Video!


Lovely Pics
But it can’t always be that calm, can it?

Best part of the video is, of course, the music!


Will we see you down there this year ?

No its not always that calm but it sure is easier to take a picture when it is!

Very nice!
Thank you

I hope so!

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Jack, I'll be guiding Everglades trips for Burnham Guides from late January through mid March. It would be great to see you and Nancy!

Nice places, nice pics. Thanks.

Wife and I are planning to be there Feb
I enjoyed seeing the photos. I may need a kayak paddling partner if I want to camp on the Gulf a few nights unless the wind is calm as my wife feels a bit intimidated in strong tides and wind. I have experience with south FL, years of canoe camping and the last couple of years kayak camping on the SC coast.

Timely post for me to see.