New fees for Quetico

The Quetico is having higher fees for camping ($18.00 night/person Canadian) and camping fee deposits.

I’ll get all the correct info and post it in a couple days.

Questions, give us a call if you don’t want to wait for the posting

more about fees
So far this is what I have:

Entries with no Customs Station, $18.00 Canadian a night. And the exchange rate is down to about only 20%, quite a change from last year’s 30 to 35%.

And they are going to ask for a $100.00 camping fee deposit all around for any Quetico entry. And any changes will incur a $9.00 change fee plus a percentage of the $100 deposit. The percentage depends on how long you have had the permit reserved, ie. 5 months higher fee, 1 month lowest fee.

And cancellations are the percentage plus one night’s camping fee for the group. Don’t know about you, but I’m going to make all the permits for just 2 people, so the least is charged if a cancellation is made.

I’ll have their chart of how the fees go soon. Then I’ll post it and the phone number and name of the person they gave us for people to call if they have questions.

differences in Quetico fees
I was mistaken on the cancellation fees, at least in part.

They only charge a percentage of the deposit, depending on how many months prior you made your reservation and how many months ahead of time you cancel. No fee per person for camping fees except for No Show groups.

They charge differently for any No Show groups. Make sure you call and cancel! The fees are quite a bite in the wallet!

I tried to type it here but the chart doesn’t fit no matter which way I do it.

If you want to see it all, just email me and I’ll send it to you, along with the name and number of the Quetico person who will answer any questions you may have.

Money Hungry they are
and may loose a lot of business, mine for sure. Always wanted to go there but with the other expenses its getting pretty prohibitive. Guess I’ll use the money for gas and keep going north. - Jamie