New fish finder

Ordered a Norcross Hawkeye FF3355P portable fish finder today to use in either my kayak or canoe. Bought off of for 49.99 with free shipping. Is anybody familiar with this particular model and if so what are your opinions. The options,size and price are what sold me on this. Let me know what you think.

By reputation only
Those who have one like it.

I have that model
and as I wrote a few months ago, it’s a good little unit that does what it claims. Super portable and versatile. You can take the transducer in hand and point it where you want to get a reading. Side readings in shallow water are difficult to interpret sometimes but straight down it works well.

I bought mine direct from Hawkeye and really like the guy I spoke to on the phone a couple of times. Very helpful.

My use is mainly while wading in silty big rivers, to spot fish out in the current in front of me, and it has not worked as well as I’d hoped for that. I wish it had a much narrower beam for that purpose. I get to mid river gravel bars in my yak.

I offered to sell mine for $45 and buyer pays shipping. I’ll drop that to $39 plus shipping if anybody wants it. Or $45 shipped. Works well as intended, but does not serve the oddball purpose I’d hoped.

Got one
I got one for Christmas to replace the Smartcast I never used anymore. Water here is hard and will stay that way until at least the end of April. I’m hoping it works better than the Smartcast did.

It is a great little fish-finder if you accept its limitations. Remember the “flasher” type of fish-finder? (They are still popular with ice fisherman.) Well what you got was a more modern version. Only the right hand of the screen is important. That is where the “fish” icon will be displayed. There are some bottom condition icons, but I find them useless. I got mine last year, and I didn’t expect to use it as much as I have.