New Fishing Kayak Decision - Need help

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I'm looking for an 11 - 12 foot sit on top kayak to leisurely fish in the bayou/marsh of S. Louisiana with my son. I am a 5'6 130 lb female. He is a 5'10 150 lb male. We both are physically fit. I want to buy 2 kayaks and don't want to spend a fortune. I would say we are not looking to travel any great distance on the water and transporting them isnt an issue (we live on the water). Seat comfort is important to me though. With so many options, I am looking for advice. I am also curious about opinions on adding trolling motors (and if that is our intention, anything else we should consider) and is Hobie the only brand that makes a hands free kayaks? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Native Watercraft
Native Watercraft also makes a pedal powered kayak. I don’t call them hands free, as you do often want to paddle. But they are more likely going to free up your hands to fish.


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kayak fishing-specific information on purchasing, rigging, and using kayaks for angling. Start right here on P-Net!

And then try these yakangling websites for more info:

Personally, I like yakangling from my venerable 14'9" x 26" OK Scupper Pro TW. You can only get Scupper Pros used these days, but an RTM Tempo is the same boat. I've outfitted mine with two aft of the seat in-hull rodholders, one behind each hip; I run my anchor trolley thru the bow and stern toggle loops; and fix a milk crate with two angled PVC rocket launchers in the tankwell. I put two or three rods in thr holders and launchets, secure my baits lures, snacks, drinks, and gear in the TW, and I'm good to go.

At 14'9" long and 26" wide, its plenty maneuverable, and still faster than almost all other non-motorized "fishing kayaks", while being stable enough for even raw newbies to easily paddle. Here is some information on my yak:

But that's just one man's opinion. Do a little research using the links above for angling yak reviews by yakangling aficionados, and THEN run your questions by THEM to better evaluate and select a yakfishing boat to


-Frank in Miami

check out Vibe sea ghost 130 angler. well priced and well equiped made in the usa and from Atlanta Ga.

most of all do your research and ask any dealer you go to, to let you try it out on the water. most dealers take people out a couple times a week to test them out but if you find one that doesn’t do this move on to another dealer because this one probably won’t give you good service in the future either. good luck and good times