New fly rod

Getting line and probably a reel for it this weekend. Very good rod, so I’m thinking a Lamson Konic reel, which is about the best I can afford. Very eager to get on the water to try it out. The rod is specifically designed for my primary quarry using the kinds of flies that I usually throw on the kind of rivers I usually fish.

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get that thing in use Big D …

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...... I'd be surprised if we catch any Smallies next weekend , but at least I can throw the big blades while nephew makes himself frustrated trying to get a Smallie to bite ... water is still rather cold !!

Standard back up is a Cat rod and nightcrawlers ... can almost always be counted on when it's slow goin in the winter .

We scouted the regular haunt up Susqui. last week getting ready for the water temp. to break 50F. (stopped by the show in Harrisburg afterwards) ... man it looks good , hope the floods stay away , 3 last spring was a record wipeout and then that last one in fall ... rediculous .

Only been fishin 3 X's this year so far , but fairly certain it's going to be an early bite . Hords of Yellow Perch have been being caught in the bays tidal rivers since late Jan. , they'll pile up in the stream headwaters (tidal) in a week or so and feed like they're starving .

Was hoping to go today
I was hoping to go over to Goose Creek for a little wading just to give it a dry. Cold air and high winds kept me away.

Maybe I’ll go at lunch one of these days. There are a few wadeable spots near my home.

going after Walleye …
… in the Potomac this week , if weather cooperates enough .

Found a wintering hole walking yesterday
It’s close to home. I may give it a try on Saturday or Sunday. I picked up a reel for the new rod, but I haven’t gotten the leaders the guy who gave me the rod recommended yet. I may use some standard leaders just to get out there and give it a go with the new rods. That’s right. When I was shopping for the new reel I came across a deal on a rod that I couldn’t pass up. Fishing weather for me better get here soon or I’m going to go broke buying tackle. And now my six year old says she wants to try flyfishing. I think I’m going to let her use my St. Croix 8’ 5 weight before spending more money getting her a rod of her own.

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