New font being used?

Font change or is my computer going wacky?

Changed for me too

Sure it changed. Compare to Feb 2020:
Is it a problem?

Yes, we updated the font today. We performed an upgrade to the software and the funny setting was erased… So we picked a new one.

Actually, we tried a few and landed on this one.

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Certainly not going to get me to leave, but the old one felt easier to read

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We fear change.

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I like it, neater, bolder, more reader friendly.

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Agree, easier to read after changing to a larger size in settings.

No fear here.

If you can’t deal with change, the internet will not be your friend.

Just because it is different doesn’t mean we have to like it, though.

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Not great on old eyes…

Looks fine to my 70 year old eyes.

I switched to “dark theme” and large font…
Seems better…

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annoying… Is the popup to subcribe needed when I already get the newsletter and am already signed in?

Lately I just scan and go elsewhere.

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Sorry about the issues with the subscribe pop up. We continue to tweak the logic to ensure that subscribers don’t get the pop up but if you delete all your cookies then it gets much harder (nearly impossible) to ensure that you don’t see it.

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There are a few other font options that work well with the forums.
As of right now, we are now using Raleway font.

Take a look at these different fonts and pick your favorites

Pick your favorite fonts (select all that you like)
  • Open Sans
  • Raleway
  • Roboto
  • Roboto Slab
  • Lato

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Note you can enter in example text and change the font size:
Recommended sample text (to see all letters)

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

:grinning: penalty for a clean computer closet!

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Agree that the dark theme seems easier to read. Am I the only one, but is the type paler than before. Wordpress made a change several years ago which made it almost unreadable due to being so light. Seems the same has happened here.

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It is paler. Aesthetically I like the new font except for its paleness.


Definitely open sans

Sans serif fonts are much easier to read, plus the kerning is better on open sans, IMO


I can live with any of them, if it were darker. Current font is too light.