"New" forum member, apparently

No Tom, no sarcasm intended. “Extrusional” is my own extrusion of the sense into nonsensical to delusional derivations the manufacturing sector manufactures within our ever evolving language. A Roto-molded malady of my own, T(as in this Tom’s)Formex of fanciful boulderdash ( Or is that stumbling stone sprint?) Anyway, an attempt at a new super composite which likely the once young and ambitious Pamlico140 dreamt of bringing to form, fruition, and market for his Gen5 superfighter in those hayday P-Net dogged kayak fights.



Why upon past day shout, “Hey”,
when tis much more fun to roll in the hay?
Or if role one seeks let’s hay go to seed,
that should bring One-Forty Pamlicos up to speed.

Willowleaf, my thanks for your 10 years of consistently intelligent, well written, and erudite posts.