new foster legends

Anybody paddle the new legend yet with the kajaksport hatches and the remodelled hull?

I know the chines are supposed to extend a bit past where they did before along the length of the hull.

Got one. White on white (very important!). It’s great!

I paddled one at GOMSKS last July. Nigel mentioned the extended chine. Very nice boat. I believe the extended chine may enhance primary stability a bit. It sure felt solid - (the only Foster boat I had previously paddled was a Silhouette.) The Legend was already a fast sea kayak. I don’t imagine the extended chine will alter that fact – might make it a tiny hair faster?

Though I prefer Valley hatches, the Kajak Sport hatches seemed fine.

I guess I’m wondering
if the chine makes the kayak track better, and thus less maneuverable?

The change in the chine was to extend it all the way to the stern of the boat. The Legend was already a strong tracker that needed to be leaned onto its chine to turn. I doubt that the extension of the chine had any noticeable impact on its maneuverability.

Also at GOMSKS
I paddled both the Legend and the Silhouette. Both great boats. The Legend was a bit big on me, but I did like the way it paddled. The Silhouette was very similar, and fit like a glove. Nigel told me the hulls are very similar on the two.

The best part is my girlfriend bought a Silhouette a week later, so I get to paddle it, too!


Paddler size

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Nigel had very specific paddler size ranges in mind in his design of the three models in production. When I demoed a Silhouette, I felt too big for the boat. Nigel confirmed this when I spoke to him at GOMSKS. At 6' and 180lbs, he said the Legend was the boat for me. Indeed, the Legend felt 'just right.' Nigel usually paddles a Legend.

Now if I can only find an Echo... or someone can be convinced to put the Rumour and Echo back into production.

Chines and more detail
Yes, the chine extends all the way (aaaaalllll the way - right up to the sheer line) to the bow and the stern. When on edge, the extended chine does have some more effect (from the look of it) than the previous Legend, but it’d take a better paddler to see what effect it has. The bow would have to be completely underwater for the chine to have much effect, it seems :slight_smile:

However, it does make it look very distinctive (looks like a ‘go faster stripe’ too!). The bow and stern have a ‘chopped’ look (a 2 inch section that rises more vertically, rather than being faired into the keel line): probably adds to the distinctiveness.

I’m not keen on the extended thigh braces, though.

The hatches are great (so far). very easy to put on and off, and seal with a quick snap. You can almost get the whole hatch sealed by firmly pushing on the center.

The deck rigging layout is slightly different, but there’s still no grab lines running on either side of the foreward hatch.

It paddles pretty much the same as the previous Legend; very manoeverable, tracks well. Back deck may be too high for some when rolling, but it really isn’t a problem at all.

All rescues work well in it. Feels a bit ‘boring’ on flat water (I tend to ‘rock’ a bit as I paddle) , but really starts to shine as the chop kicks in - very comfortable. Wethercocks, yes, but easily managable with the sliding skeg control.

I feel it’s a bit slower than the Azul Sultan (for those that are really interested in such things), but can definately slice through the water nicely.

Construction is spectacular; but I guess that is Seaward for you.

All in all, it’s a Legend. One of the best brit style boats.

thanks for the
eval, my dealer in michigan probably still doesn’t have a new legend.