new fs10

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Question from a newbie so bare with me.....😁

Just purchased a new ascend fs10.
I noticed when its sitting in standard paddling position on dry ground (living room floor)it leans to the right. I'm assuming all hulls are a little different etc.
I checked the bottom it has no indication of a issue.

Is this a issue ? Or nothing to worry about?

No thanks -and you’d thank me for it, LOL!

The Bass Pro lit on your Ascend says it had an “advanced, “V”-style hull design”.

Any hull on any boat that’s so shaped will never sit flat on the floor, unless there’s something wrong with it… So you have nothing to worry about.

Get -and wear (not where, nor whare) it -a good paddle, a good cartopping yak transport system, read up on paddling techniques, and dos & don’ts -here’s a couple: don’t challenge bigger water until you get a couple dozen hours in your small craft, and can dump it and get back in it, empty it, and keep on going -and get out there and have some fun as you


-Frank in Miami

Most important:
Wear a PFD at all times. That means actually wearing it on your body, not attaching it someplace on your boat.

There’s lots of statistics about paddlers who were great swimmers but drowned for lack of a PFD.

bare it
lol thanks for info Frank greatly appreciated !

one of the blessings of the internet----online forums

I actually had the word “bear” than changed to “bare”.

Terrible speller.

this whole kayak not sitting flat started from a youtube post of a review of the fs10.

someone commented at the bottom to the reviewer about there new fs10 not sitting flat.

he told them was defective return to bass pro or put in sun with some weight.