New Gunwhale Stain??

This is not my first post on the subject. I recieved my wood today. I used eds canoe dot com and brought it all in unstained. Due to shipping hassles I ordered the break-down gunwhales and will build them, then put them on. I am also going with handles as well as new thwart and kneeling thwart. The boat in question is Bell Northstar in Kevlight. My question is any pros or cons to light or dark stain. Does anyone have a photo or light or dark they could show me. The canoe color lends itself to both. I am not asking you to pick for me, but would like any/all feedback from those that have and wished they did a diff shade. Besides stain, what type of oil will I want to use.>??? The seats are allready wood, but I am not thrilled with the stain, and I can’t get a responce from Bell as to what color that is. I may try to sand them and change the stain, but not just now. Thank you in advance for any/all responces.

Darker stain helps to hide the mildew

Most Bells I’ve seen with wood have ash with a natural (clear) finish.

Watco Teak Oil
I have been using Watco Teak on my Magic with results that please my eye. A tad darker than Watco Exterior, it seems to be a bit more resistant to the elements than Exterior. Ash will darken with age, and the Teak simply accellerates the color change.


Tried to email you, offering a few photos of some differences in darkness of wood trim.

Email was returned as undeliverable.


very nice
Thank you for the pictures. Hard to choose from light to dark. I like them both. I will need to see them up against the Kevlight color. I do like the two tone and might even go that route. as I said the seats are allready wood and have a common oak like color to them. I might try to lighten them up.

Hey Bob, any chance one of those solo canoes’ might be for sale??? nice looking boats.