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Hey everyone, I recently got bit by the kayaking bug and now I am eager to get one. I just have a few newbie questions as I have no idea where to even begin.

My first question is which kayak would best suit me, I am 5 foot 10 and 250lbs (not exactly a light guy). The type of kayaking around my area is whitewater rafting (on the ocoee river eventually), and smaller rivers which are calmer but still has some calm to mild rapids.

Next question is, for a true beginner is a sit on top or sit in kayak better suited for me.

Any help is greatly apprecated!



Next weekend is Turkey Fest

We will find U a boat 2 demo

ETWC will set you on track

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meanwhile, do some research (this site has great articles and tips). If you are serious about whitewater, forget about sit-on-tops. And check out this site that another Pnet poster recently posted a link to:

note the models he recommends for newbies over 200 lbs.

a few thoughts

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The Liquid Logic Coupe SOT has a hull based on their remix whitewater boats and so would probably handle the mild to moderate rapids you speak of. The Duece Coupe (tandem) might be better for your weight and has a seat position for solo paddling. The outfit around here giving whitewater lessons also uses (or has used) an SOT called the Torrent. As said, if you want to get "serious" about whiteweater, you probably want to go with a sit inside. The whitwater boat category "river runner" is usually recommended for beginners -- less likely to flip. Anothe option is the Liquid Logic Remix XP10 -- great for your weight. It is considered a "crossover" and could be good if you will spend a good bit of time on those slower moving rivers/stretches -- it is VERY stable for a beginner, also a large cockpit if you are hesitant about the confinement thing; the seating/outfitting is very comfortable, and the boat is whitewater capable. So, as mentioned, try out boats of different types -- I just mentioned these to give you an idea of the types. While I'm at it, let me give you another thought. A touring kayak like the Wilderness Systems Tsunami may do fine on the stretches with milder rapids and also be a good beginner lake boat if that is something you are interested in. I often use my touring kayak (Necky Manitou 14) on river stretches like that. Speaking of boat categories, I use an Aire Lynx inflatable kayak in class III-/III+ -- VERY forgiving! I may or may not ever decide to go sit inside for class III-/III+. By the way, the forum "boater talk" is very whitewater oriented and seems to have many folks from your neighborhood broadly defined.

how were you bit
by the bug? What kind of boat? What kind of water?

New Guy Here
Awesome! I would like to get more information on the trip if possible!

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Thank you! Time to read up!

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You know the bug…the itch…the urge do something. The water I will be eventually white water rafting seeing how the ocoee river is 5 miles from my house. As far as a boat that is why I came here to be sure I make a good first purchase and a newbie.

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Thanks for the info it was great! I defiantly like the Liquid Logic Remix XP10. This sight is great for this info.