New Guy in Wyoming

Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m trey, and I’m in Cheyenne WY. I’ve always wanted to try kayaking, but I’ve never had the chance. Is anyone on here local to me? I’m trying to find a class to help me learn. If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll just get a kayak and find some water?



I’d think this time of year your thoughts should turn to skiing.

I’m just planning for next year. I’m not much for skiing.

Get the class
Really a few, via pool sessions over this winter, even if you have to stay overnight somewhere because it is 2 hrs away near Boulder. Or call up the Confluence Sports Center listed on the page at the following link, and ask them about someone closer to you. You are loaded with easier thru very challenging WW around you as well as flat water - it’d be hard for you not to get into a boat you regretted if you went out and just picked up something without having a good sense of what you need by spending some time in one.

Here’s the site -

Thank you!
That is exactly what I am looking for. I will get in touch with them. Luckily I just bought a car that gets great gas mileage, so the trip wont really matter. Thanks!

What kind of kayaking?
If it’s sea kayaking you want, the local lesson-providers may have “sea kayak” lessons but be wary of any bias that presents non-WW boating in a condescending way (i.e., strictly limited to easy flatwater paddling). I’ve heard a lot of that around here (Colorado).

If you’re lucky, you’ll get instructors who help you with the basics of kayaking…ALL kayaking…and leave out the unhelpful comments.

A wet exit is a wet exit, for example. Torso rotation is good for forward stroke whether sea kayak or short boat. You will need to become good at edging, in either sport. There’s plenty to be learned that applies to both types.

There is no sea kayaking school around here, for obvious reasons. That doesn’t mean you can’t start learning here, since the foundations are laid in flat water anyway, and it’s great for working on technique.

If it’s WW kayaking you want, there are at least two providers I know of in the Denver/Boulder area: Confluence Kayaks, which Celia linked to, and Renaissance Adventure Guides. I am not endorsing or condemning either of these outfits, just giving you the names you will hear about. The only WW-specific lesson I ever took was through REI’s contractor at the time, Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center (based from Buena Vista but taught at Golden). That instructor was pretty good; however, he has probably moved on since then and I never got his last name.

BOC (Boulder Outdoor Center) reorganized and changed the nature of their operations. I don’t know if they still do classes. Since that’s a little closer to you, check it out, too.

For a WW club, try Colorado Whitewater Association. They have lessons in late winter and early spring. For a sea kayaking club, there’s Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club. Again–I’m not endorsing or condemning, just giving you names of two clubs that definitely exist. I don’t belong to either.

If you get a halfway suitable kayak next year, I should be able to help out some at least in spring. I’m southwest of Denver. Meanwhile, if you want to get started, pool sessions might be in order simply because the water is very cold now and going to freeze up.

There should be kayak instruction on
the Poudre, near Fort Collins. That’s the closest to you I know of.

Thanks for the reply! Lots of good info. I’m going to try to find a local pool that is open for this. I have a feeling that none of the pools here allow it. But its worth a shot.

Once you learn the ropes
Yellowstone Lake, Flaming Gorge and Jackson lake are great open water trips, I’ve done the first two.

Not paddling related but definitely visit Vedauwoo sp? between Cheyenne and Laramie great hiking and rock climbing.

I grew up near there we used to consider Cheyenne or Scottsbluff NE a trip to the city.

It’s beautiful country in it’s own special way. The moonlit prairie with a new snow is cool !!

Good Luck


I go up to Vedauwoo often. I love taking my kids up there, and they love going. I really appreciate the advice all of you are giving. I will look to see if anyone does classes on the Poudre. I’ve always heard Flaming Gorge is pretty nice, but I’ve never been there. I’ve been here 14 years, and there are a lot of places I’ve never been. Yellowstone included!

Thanks everyone!

g2d beat me to it
Fort Collins area might have instructors. What with both the Cache La Poudre and CSU there, I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find some resources to help you. And that’s half the drive of going from Cheyenne to Denver.

Check out and look for threads pertaining to instruction or Ft. Collins. I think there was a recent thread on Mulberry Pool in or near Ft. Collins (I didn’t read it but saw the headline).

thanks for the lead. I registered over there too, to try and learn some info.

Pool sessions
I know the rec center in Laramie used to have open pool time for kayaks (did not provide instruction, so you would have to find someone to bring). If you get over to Flaming Gorge, give me a shout, I’ll paddle with ya.