New guy. Need advise on the right board

-- Last Updated: Apr-23-16 1:42 AM EST --

Hey yall. I want to get into paddle boarding and am looking for the right board to for me.
Things to consider:
I'd prefer a rigid board as opposed to an inflatable.
I would like to fish from my paddle board so being able to put a small cooler on it would be nice.
I would like something durable enough to withstand bumps with rocks, dog claws, and other abrasions.
I weigh 160 and would like to take my lab (70-85 lbs when fully grown) with me on the board once he and I both get comfortable on it.
Will NOT be taking this out onto rough waters. Calm lakes ponds and rivers is where I'll be spending most of my time.
Do not wanna break the bank. Want to keep it under $700.

I like the Pelican Baja 100 (cheap durable stable and i like how it looks) but the weight cap is making me hesitant (230 lbs). I've read that you can go slightly over weight caps on boards as long as the weight is distributed right without too much trouble. Is this true?

Thanks for your help!

ISLE Soft Top
I’d look into the ISLE Soft Top board. Ticks all the boxes:

-275lb weight limit

-Withstands scratches (even from dog nails) and dents from every day use.

-Not an inflatable

-Actually listed at under $600 on Amazon.

The board was made with beginners and intermediates in mind and for flat water or small surf. ISLE is a solid brand and make good boards. I’d say this one is definitely worth checking out.