New guy with a few q's

Good morning everyone! I am new to this great sport and have recently purchased my first kayak and have a few questions. After spending some time in Maine in July and doing some great kayaking near Spruce Head, I decided to dive into the sport back here in Columbus, Ohio and bought a used RiverChaser 13’ kayak off craigslist for $100. There is very little information that I’ve been able to locate for this piece and was curious whether I got a decent deal or should have just put the money towards something newer.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to getting out on the water and enjoying what’s left of this season.



Spruce Head

We paddle on the Mid-Coast every year. Maine Coastal paddling is wonderful. We spend most of July in Friendship and most often paddle Muscongus Bay. This year we paddled the Muscle Ridge putting in at Birch Point just east of Spruce Head. We will be back on the Maine coast in a few weeks for the Downeast Symposium in Bar Harbor.

Take some lessons, do some reading and paddle whatever waters you can safely navigate.

It is probably best to buy used for your first kayak. As your skills and desires grow, you will likely want another/additional boat(s).

Nice Pictures!
Thanks for the welcome and advice. I took a few minutes and checked out some of your pictures. Really enjoyed some of the Maine shots. Nice one of Marshall Point in the distance.

Anything for $100 is a good deal, at the least you’ll be able to keep it around for doing slow creeks. For paddling off of places like Spruce Head in Maine, lessons and (you’ll learn) a lot more boat will be in order. But get into some lessons and take your time.

Meanwhile, welcome to the addiction.

Sounds like you got a historic boat
Apparently this was one of the first, or the first RM whitewater boat. As such, you may find it is not the ideal boat for flat water, and would probably be considered dangerous on whitewater today. But for $100, you can’t beat it. If nothing else, it might be the perfect boat to learn to roll in.

How does it paddle on flatwater? How’s the tracking and speed?