New, help choosing first sit on kayak for female?!

My husband recently purchased his first Kayak, an Ascend FS12 and has started fishing in some local small lakes and ponds in Indiana. Now I’m wanting to purchase one so I can join in on the fun! I’m in my 30’s and 5’2and 140 pounds. I’d like to stay under $800 and he’s pushing for me to get an Ascend but after reading tons on these message boards I’m considering the following kayaks:

Perception Pescador 10’ sit on top for $449 from Academy
Perception Pescador Pro 10’ sit on top for $729 from Academy or
Wilderness Tarpon 100 for $739
Ascend 10T for $549 from bass pro

Will one of these 10ft ones be a good choice for me? Any other suggestions?

Could you also recommend a few paddles and PFDs?

Also, my 6 year old son has $300 saved up and is wanting to buy his own kayak. I was thinking of just buying him one of the cheap $100 kids kayaks and seeing how into it he is before i let him spend $300 then possibly after hes done with the kids one I’d be ready to upgrade and he could have my 10ft one. We also have a 7 and 8 year old daughter so there’s a good chance they might want to get into it too! but then I have the issue of having to transport all these kayaks!

Is there any place you can test paddle a 10-foot kayak and see how it tracks? Have you paddled your husband’s kayak? If so, what didn’t you like about it?

As to a kayak for a kid, here’s a couple of good threads on the subject:

I have a Winderness Ride 115 for fishing and my wife has an Ascend D10T. She loves it, and it is easy to handle, but you lose some tracking with a shorter kayak. I did a TON of research before we purchased ours, and I found that the WIlderness kayaks have a lifetime hull warranty. That was a difference maker for me.

I’m a long time Tarpon paddler. Mine have all been 140 and 160.
A friend rented a 110 and I was surprised at how well it performed.
The cockpits are all the same size and can be adjusted to fit almost anyone.
They are wide so a smaller person could have trouble reaching the water without banging their knuckles.

Paddles: Aquabound makes good paddles at reasonable cost. For beginners a fiberglass shaft and nylon blades is adequate. Expect to pay around $100.
PFD: You have to try them on. They need to be worn and won’t be if uncomfortable.
I use an Astral V-8 which is the most comfortable I’ve found . They are $125, but I just bought one from Academy for my grandson for $60 and he likes it.

I was on the Wekvia river in central Florida where adults were paddling rental boats from bank to bank. Up beside me came a small youngster paddling one of these just as straight as you please followed closely by mom in a sea kayak. You can see the best use we have for the kayak.